Scontrading Group

We are proud of the work being done by our Companies.
Our organization, equipment and facilities, guarantee a quality service.

Equipments and Facilities

We have made a significant investment in both facilities and equipment, guaranteeing our employees all the conditions to perform their duties with greatness and professionalism.

We are attentive to new technologies and constantly update our equipment, keeping us at the forefront of new technologies.

The main objective of this investment is to serve each client more efficiently, quickly and professionally.

Human Resources

This is our first asset, we believe that human resources have been and undoubtedly are the main asset for our growth, we would like to thank all our Collaborators and Employees.

We carefully select our work team because we believe that the success of a company is directly proportional to the professionalism, correctness, training and specialization of its employees.

We bet on continuous training; Our collaborators and employees regularly participate in training actions.

Our workforce is made up of more than 450 Angolan workers.

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